Celebrate Lent with FRIENDS

The Doctor Is In...Pathways to a Healthy Mind Body & Spirit

His name is Jesus. He shows us how to heal wounds and warm hearts. ♥

Join our 2017 Lenten series and come and discover that "The Doctor Is In." His name is Jesus. He shows us how to heal wounds and warm hearts.

Pope Francis challenges each of us to welcome and embrace all! This Lent, come and discover that in our willingness to love and share our faith, Jesus not only heals, but He also sustains us by showing us new pathways to a healthy mind, body and spirit.

Once again the people of St. Matthew will gather in small groups this Lent. We’ll be joined by St. Gabriel, St. Peter, St. John Neumann and Holy Spirit and two parishes from Virginia, St. Mary of the Immaculate Conception in Fredericksburg and St. Bernadette Church in Springfield VA.

There will be five sessions. Groups will be meeting starting the week of February 26th. Each session will include a teaching given by various pastors or priests followed by parishioners' inspiring stories.

  Session 1 Healing through the Eucharist Msgr. John McSweeney

When we receive Communion, Jesus fills the emptiness we may feel with his healing, tangible love. The frequent reception of the Eucharist will remind us that while we may have days when we feel lonely, hurt, or abandoned, we are never alone: we have Jesus with us and in us. Like a healing balm, the Eucharist reconnects us relationally to our God. Receiving Communion empowers us to forgive those who hurt us and to allow our hearts to heal through divine love.

  Session 2 Healing through the Word Fr. Pat Hoare

When we come to Mass, we look forward to receiving the Eucharist. But we also encounter the Lord in the Word of God. The first part of the Mass isn’t just the opening act for the show we really came to see. God speaks to us in the Scriptures. God speaks to YOU every time you encounter the Word of God.

  Session 3 Healing through Reconciliation Fr. Frank O’Rourke

In the Sacrament of Reconciliation, Jesus through the vehicle of his priest, invites us to shed all traces of denial and unveil those areas of our lives where we fall short of the mark. Jesus then restores us to communion with God and with each other, who are the Church.

  Session 4 Healing through Medicine and the Sacrament of the Sick Fr. Jim Shea

Illness and suffering have always been a great and troubling mystery for all people, even Christians. Yet our faith in Christ brings us meaning, hope and courage. Jesus heals those wounded in body, soul and spirit. This saving power for the whole person is the core of his ministry. Today the Church continues that healing ministry. We are people called and empowered by the Holy Spirit to heal.

  Session 5 Healing through Supportive Relationships Fr. Elias Khalil

Supportive relationships come in all sizes and formats, whether it is that good friend or a counselor, attending meetings of a support group, a twelve step program or even a faith-sharing group like your Small Church Community. A supportive relationship is life-giving and healing and may manifest itself through a conversation with anyone in your life who listens attentively, displays compassion and is honest with you.