Celebrate Lent with FRIENDS


Small groups help to connect with friends in a relaxed, informal, comfortable and casual setting.

♥ A small group is a way to make new friends and connections with our parish or other participating parishes.

♥ Being part of a small group is a way to grow in faith-filled relationships.

♥ It is a short term commitment… Just five weeks beginning February 26th.

♥ Msgr. John McSweeney, Fr. Pat Hoare, Fr. Frank O’Rourke, Fr. Jim Shea and Fr. Elias Khalil will each provide a weekly message.

♥ Each pastor's or priest's message will be followed by inspiring stories from parishioners that bring their insights to life.

♥ "The Doctor Is In...Pathways to a Healthy Mind, Body and Spirit" small group series is an opportunity to be a part of an exciting city-wide small group program.

♥ The series is a way to share a message we can relate to, with a curriculum developed by St. Matthew volunteers and staff, including pastors' and priests' teachings and parishioner's testimonials.