"Lenten Friends" come together in small groups, to share friendship, faith, reflections and the messages of Lent to enrich their spiritual path while building community.

Face of Mercy

This year, St. Matthew has invited seven other parishes to join us in our small group series "The Face of Mercy." There are five Charlotte area parishes: St. Gabriel, St. John Neumann, St. Peter, Our Lady of Consolation, Holy Spirit; and two Virginia parishes: St. Mary of the Immaculate Conception in Fredericksburg and St. Francis of Assisi in Triangle. Beginning February 29th, this series is designed to bring friends, both old and new, together in small groups for five weekly sessions to discuss and share the Lent (three sessions) and Easter (two sessions) experience.

These small groups meet in homes, workplaces or any comfortable setting. "The face of Mercy" series includes a DVD and a participant book to serve as guides. Each week, the group will reflect on and discuss select topics related to Mercy. The book provides an easy host-friendly format that coordinates with the DVD. The various Pastors provide a weekly teaching followed by inspiring stories from parishioners that bring new insights on mercy to life.

Lenten Friends